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Date: 05/01/2013

By: HalleluYah Scriptures

Subject: Free Bible

You might want to visit our web site and read about this great mission to the world. There is many things on the site that you will enjoy reading.

Date: 01/03/2013

By: Joyce

Subject: Praise to the great IM

God has been so good to me. Through so many hard times and brought me through each time. My faith has faultered but He has been forgiving, loving, and faithful to me. I raised two children without the help of their father. I then married a wonderful christian man and I have been totally blessed. I have tried to help my children (now 4) spiritually, emotionally, and financially/ At age 77. I try to work a few days a month to help them, so they do not loose their homes. Your station has been a blessing to me. I love the songs that lift of God and give Him all the praise He deserves. Thanks for what you are doing.

Date: 10/19/2012

By: fran

Subject: god puts pets on earth forr a

God puts pets on earth as little angles in descise to help his children. My friends had rescued a teacup poodle and gave her to me. After hsving her for about a year she saved my life. She kept me awake one night would not let me go back to sleep. I Went tothe Drs. the next ad they put me in the hospital. my bkood pressure was real high but my heart rate was only in the 50s after working all day. The doctor says my liitle heart Storm saved my life by keeping me awake.
Thanks god for hidden angles.

Date: 10/11/2012

By: Kalynn Graham

Subject: giveing with my heart

hey i'm kalynn and im 13. i lesion ro caleb every morning before school, i hear about giveing a $40 month gift. i won't to give but i can't. so i'm going to give with my my heart. and prying for all the kids that are out there with out jackets.
every morning caled keeps me going.

Date: 09/16/2012

By: Karen Brothers

Subject: Happy

Hi, I am soooooo happy I found your station. Your doing great!!!!! This is the only music I want to listen anymore. Without Christ we have nothing and this music gives me such a peace through all the ups and downs in my life. I will surely spread the word about this station. God Bless You.

Date: 09/09/2012

By: Annika

Subject: You changed me

I have had a hard couple of months. I moved away from all of my friends, which isn't really new, but it was harder this time. I moved to a new place, I had no friends. When I started school, I started to get bullied because of my faith. I started to lose hope in myself, but most importantly, God. I thought that He had left me. I started to separate from my family. I didn't talk to them as much, and I just, I felt like I couldn't tell them anything. But one day, I turned on the radio, and this station was on. I couldn't stop listening to it. All of the songs were so inspiring. I thought that God was trying to speak to me through the music. I started to feel a change in myself. I realized that God never left me, I left Him. I prayed and prayed that life would get better. And it did, through you. I still get bullied at school, but now I stand up for myself. I tell the people that bully me, that they can bully me all they want, but I will never stop believing in the one person that has been there for me through all of my struggles, God. I tell them that He is the only reason that I am the person that I am today, that He changed me. I wouldn't be such a believer in God if it wasn't for this station. Thank you, for not only changing me emotionally, but spiritually. I listen the this station every night. To me, it's a life changer.

Date: 03/09/2013

By: Annonymous

Subject: Re: You changed me

Hi Annika. Just wanted to let you know that God loves you so dearly, and he is a life changer, he forever changed my life. I used to be a bully and I regret being one. But the reason I was a bully was because I was hurting deep inside so I put that hurt on hurting others. Those bullies who bully you are hurting inside and they need God. Maybe you can pray and reach out to them, I wish someone would have reached out to me at an early age. Stay strong in your faith, God has great plans for you.

Date: 06/14/2012

By: Jeanie

Subject: Grandchildren

My Husband and me raise our three grandchildren the oldest is 14 and a boy, the next one is a girl and she is 13, and the youngest is 11 their mother needs prayer that she would get her life in order and come to the Lord and also realize what she is missing in her life with these kids. Her and the dad to these kids are divorce and she is living with another but she has been with several since the divorce. We've had the kids ever since the youngest was probably two. The youngest and the girl just worships her but shes more like a girlfriend to them than a mother. I do not try to keep the children from her I try to get her involve with their sports and other functions in their life. We go to Church with the kids so pray that the Lord leads them in their life as they grow.

Date: 04/20/2012

By: Barb Gomez

Subject: Donation

How do I contribute to this radio station?

Date: 04/18/2012

By: ♥ Sarah 23 ♥

Subject: chatroom

yes a free chatroom with games under

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