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Date: 06/14/2012

By: Jeanie

Subject: Grandchildren

My Husband and me raise our three grandchildren the oldest is 14 and a boy, the next one is a girl and she is 13, and the youngest is 11 their mother needs prayer that she would get her life in order and come to the Lord and also realize what she is missing in her life with these kids. Her and the dad to these kids are divorce and she is living with another but she has been with several since the divorce. We've had the kids ever since the youngest was probably two. The youngest and the girl just worships her but shes more like a girlfriend to them than a mother. I do not try to keep the children from her I try to get her involve with their sports and other functions in their life. We go to Church with the kids so pray that the Lord leads them in their life as they grow.